The Best Man (Pris pour Cible)

90' Action, Thriller USA TV MOVIE

When a team of ruthless mercenaries violently seize control of a remote resort hotel, former Special Ops soldiers attending their best friend’s wedding must rely only on their wits and training to combat the terrorists and save the hostages held for ransom.

Archstone Entertainment
USA distribution by Saban Films

Shane Dax Taylor

Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Universal Soldier )
Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Middle Men)
Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass, The Flood)
Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, An American Crime)
Brendan Fehr (X-Men: First Class)
Andrey Ivchenko (Stanger Things)

France, French speaking Belgium (Pay TV broadcasted from France), French speaking Switzerland (Pay TV broadcasted from France), Luxemburg (Pay TV broadcasted from France), French Speaking Africa in French Version only