Leverage: Redemption

2 SEASONS' Crime, Mystery, Thriller USA

The Hitter, the Hacker, the Grifter and the Thief are back, this time with help from a new tech genius and corporate fixer, to take on a new kind of villain. When someone needs help, they provide...Leverage.

Season 1 - 16x52'
Season 2 - 13x45'

Electric Entertainment

Chris Downey, John Rogers, Kate Rorick

Gina Bellman (Coupling, Leverage)
Noah Wyle (ER, Donnie Darko)
Christian Kane (Just Married, The Librarians)
Beth Riesgraf (Stranger Things)
Aleyse Shannon (Black Christmas)
Andrea Navedo (Jane the Virgin)

French speaking Europe, excluding French speaking Switzerland, non-exclusive French speaking Africa/Indian Ocean