The Quest for Tom Sawyer's Gold


Agatha Armstrong and her trusty sidekick Mrs. Mac were once the world’s most daring adventurers. But when her son Ant came along, everything quickly changed and her devil-may-care ways took a backseat to being over-protective and terrified of anything that posed a risk to her family.

One day, when Ant and his three friends discover a letter hinting that the gold Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn found might actually be real, they follow its clues, ultimately leading to a daring adventure. Ant quickly embraces the role his mother once owned; an adventurous explorer ready for any action.

Told through the eyes of JJ Harper, the great-grandson to one of the men who helped hide the gold, Aggy must outwit both a nefarious rival from her past who is intent on claiming the gold himself and navigate the dangers of the deep south to rescue her son and students.  Somehow, Aggy must find a way to regain her thirst for an adventure and help solve the mystery of a lifetime.

ACE Entertainment Films

Kirk Harris (Hard Luck)

Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers)
Scott Bailey (Bank Roll, Timeless)
Amanda Joy Erickson (Animal Kingdom)
Dodge Prince (The Magnificent Seven)