Night Harvest

90' Thriller, Horror UK TV MOVIE

In 1970s Tennessee, Nathan (a troubled teenager with pyrokinesis) is on the run from the cops, with his older sister and her friends. When their RV breaks down, they soon find themselves stalked by a sickle-wielding killer scarecrow from a nearby farm and with the help of a local farmer, Nathan must use his pyrokinesis to defeat this ultimate evil.

Ace Entertainment Films

Charlie Steeds

Timothy Rogers (The Shepherd)
Faith McCoy (Collection)
Scot Scurlock (Homestead)
Daniel Considine (Boytalk)
Madelyn Hopfensperger (Bettor Days)
Garius Kemp
Tanner Bluewolf (In a Sentimental Mood)
Dylan Young (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark)