96' Adventure / Fantasy / Horror USA TV Movie

Beckett (Sophie Curtis) is a beautiful young teenager that is still mourning the loss of her mother. She's moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her father Miles (Linus Roache) and is set to begin school at Hamilton, an exclusive prep school. Beckett is so engrossed in her grief that she fails to notice that her school is a little stranger than most schools, as its students are prone to suicides and is full of extraordinarily beautiful female teachers.

Scion Pictures

Hilary Brougher

Sophie Curtis (The Art of Getting By)
Kelly Reilly (L'auberge Espagnole, Sherlock Holmes, True Detective Saison 2)
Graham Phillips (The Good Wife)
Linus Roache (Batman Begins)

French-Speaking Europe, French-speaking Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland