El Dorado (EL DORADO)

2x90' Adventure / Family USA - PERU TV Movie

El Dorado - Temple of the Sun (Part 1)

Treasures of El Dorado attract adventurers from around the world. That’s Jack Wilder, an archaeologist, who had dreamed all his life to find this mythical place, goes in search of the golden city of the Incas.
True, in order to find the way to Eldorado, he must find and decipher the calendar of the Incas, located in the temple of the sun. The road back will be difficult…

Oasis Entertainment

Shane West (La Ligue des Gentlemen Extraordinaires)
Nathalie Martinez (Course à la Mort)
Elden Henson (Déjà Vu)


French-Speaking Europe, French-speaking Africa