Battle of Jangsari (LA BATAILLE DE JANGSARI)

104' Action, Drama, War South Korea Movie

During the Korean War, a group of 772 student soldiers led by a guerrilla task force commander is tasked with staging a diversionary mission at Jangsari Beach in South Korea, in order to deceive the North Korean forces into thinking the opposition forces would launch a decisive invasion there, and to pave the way for Incheon Landing Operation. In the meanwhile, an American reporter and war correspondent covers the Korean War and tries to get help from the international community as the soldiers struggle to accomplish their mission due to lack of proper training, second-hand weapons and low food supplies.


Warner Bros
Taewon Entertainment

Kyung-taek Kwak (Friend)
Tae-hun Kim

Megan Fox (Transformers, Jennifer's Body)
George Eads (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, MacGyver)
Myung-Min Kim (Six Flying Dragons, Closer to Heaven)

France, French Speaking Africa, French Speaking Belgium & Switzerland only for Pay-Tv, United Kingdom, Ireland