The Killer Inside (MENSONGES)

40x45' Detective / Thriller CANADA

‘The Killer Inside' is an intense psychological crime-thriller that follows an interrogation specialist and her team. They will delve into 3 suspects’ psychological truth in each episode. Investigating the world of crime from a new and unprecedentedly realistic perspective. As she builds a relationship of trust with suspects, she uncovers their lies and gets them to confess… all from the interrogation room.
Qualified as "Œuvre audiovisuelle d’Expression Originale Française"

Addik Tv (TVA Group)
Seasons 2 and 3 in production

Fanny Mallette (7 Days)
Éric Bruneau (Heartbeats)
Sylvain Marcel (19-2)

Best Series (Prix Gémeaux 2014)
Best Actress (Prix Gémeaux 2014)
Official competition, Foreign Drama (Festival de la Fiction de la Rochelle 2014)

Europe, French-speaking Africa