The Magical Raincoat

1H pilot + 8x30' Comedy, Family, Fantasy USA

When Jack, Ella and Chen are forced to spend a rainy week with Grandma Finerman, they predicted they’ll die of boredom. That all changes when they find a vintage yellow raincoat in her attic which magically transports whoever wears it into the body of a great magician, Augustus Semprini.

More than a century earlier, Augustus stole a family heirloom from a witch, and as punishment, she cursed him to spend his remaining days trapped within the threads of the raincoat. As the kids live out their fantasies of being grown-ups, they have to evade the witch eager to reclaim the coat and recover her family heirloom.

But when their home is repossessed by an evil businessman, plotting to level their entire town and turn it into an exclusive golf course, the kids must put their skills into practice to work out a way to free Semprini. With the witch on their tail and the greedy businessman after their home, the kids find themselves in an action-packed, high stakes magical adventure.

Based on the children's book by Nick Pollack

Ace Entertainment Films