Apex is Miami's hottest new club, and 7 friends have an invite to the exclusive opening. Situated atop a state of the art aquarium in a sparkling new skyscraper and featuring the rarest and deadliest predators in the oceans, Apex Tower is a monument to it's owner: ruthless tycoon, Ricardo Bloom. Little do our guests know, Ricardo has cut corners everywhere and when a massive hurricane collides with the Miami shoreline, the containment throughout the building collapses, unleashing a swarm of ferocious aquatic creatures. Now, our friends must team up with a stranded rescue diver, a renowned DJ, and Ricardo himself, to fight their way out of this nightmarish predicament. Standing in their way, however, are a relentless onslaught of the most terrifying creatures of the deep, a precipitous descent through the labyrinthine tower, and their own secrets...