Mob Land

90' Action, Thriller USA TV MOVIE

A desperate and struggling family man who robs a pill mill. However, when the theft turns violent, he finds himself hunted by both the police and the Dixieland mafia.

Distributed in the US by Saban Films

Nicholas Maggio

John Travolta (Face/Off, Pulp Fiction)
Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars, Spring Breakers)
Stephen Dorff (Blade, Old Henry)
Timothy V. Murphy (The Lone Ranger, National Treasure: Book of Secrets)
Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead)
Kevin Dillon (Platoon, Poseidon)
Emily Tremaine Fernandez (The Wolf of Wall Street)

France, French speaking Belgium (Pay TV broadcasted from France), French speaking Switzerland (Pay TV broadcasted from France), Luxemburg (Pay TV broadcasted from France), French Speaking Africa in French Version only